Architectural projects dignifying their surroundings and people’s lives

Building construction

BJ arquitectes is set up around architecture. There’s a strong commitment of fulfilling our customer’s expectations, therefore we work in collaboration with our clients in every design processes, in order to understand their needs and align ourselves with their ideas. Every single detail matters.

Rigour, responsibility and commitment; always focused on architecture.

Public space and landscape

Public space projects allow us to work following a wide net of lines of action and improvement: environmental quality, mobility, accessibility, safety and attention to diversity.

Along with the commitment to technical excellence in our public space design, understood as common estate, we believe that urban spaces must give the opportunity of appropriation to their users that will, after all, give sense to the intervention.

We know the land development processes at every level of work, which allows us to accompany our clients through the phases of urban planning, management, urbanization and edification.


Urban planning and management

We understand urban planning as an opportunity to transform and improve territories. Our background in architectural and landscape design allows us to follow territory development throughout the whole transformation, which ends up strengthening the result and providing an added value.

As the urban planning requirements have become more complex, we have developed a number of monitoring tools that facilitate the process of urban planning approval by assisting local and regional administrations with document validation.

We have more than 25 years of experience in general urban planning and derived planning instruments, both for the administration and private clients.